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Here at Alpha Male Kennels (AMK) our dogs are not a registered or recognized breed! We feel that healthy, strong minded, well tempered animals don't need a piece of paper to make them great. We know our trade and we have proven this time and time again, producing well-mannered healthy happy dogs. However, we do offer registration with the Canadian Bully Registration & Archives (CBRA) that will allow you to identify your dog and it's pedegree. The CBRA is an independent registry created for tracking the lineage of Canadian Bully's.

Over the years of producing American bulldogs, French bulldogs, and Cane Corso's we've noticed that these breeds are deteriorating rapidly due to poor breeding ethics. Bad hip displacia, allergies, bad temperaments, and generally dogs with unstable minds and bodies are the result. The "purebreed" mentality has caused many, if not all of this deterioration in the condition of these breeds. We wanted to fix this problem for the sake of the dogs and the families who we place them with. As a result, we changed the approach we take to breeding our dogs.

Canadian Bandogge Bully

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So after years of producing "purebred registered" dogs, somebody said to me "So you produce mutts now? They're not purebred!"

AMK dogs are not purebred. What they are is "smart-bred". Healthy well-rounded animals with a stable mind, rock solid temperment and healthy physical attributes. And, unlike most "purebred" dogs who have a shorter lifespan and suffer from numerous health problems, AMK dogs do not! With the wide variety of breeds and gene pools we have at our disposal we have a better chance of producing the ultimate dog. A dog with the Bully breed characteristics and looks that we want but without those health and temperment problems.

Through handpicking individual dogs to use in our breeding program we have been able to produce the ultimate Bully! This undoubtedly will make up what we consider to be one of the best dogs alive and what we call the Canadian Bandogge Bully!

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